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Opinions and FAQs

Q:        My child always replies in English even though we always speak in Tamil. She understands Tamil well. What can we do?
A:         This is the way many kids are! Don’t give up. Keep talking in Tamil even though the child is answering in English. You will find a turning point... May be when you visit India or Sri Lanka or some other time when the level of interest is up…
Q:        Our child is not happy at all in going to his Tamil school….
A:         Not a great situation and something is wrong here. Some of the possible causes can be: not achieving enough in class, boring teacher, irregular attendance, inadequate support at home, relationship with other kids, bullies… etc. Don’t force the child as it can cause negative outcomes. Try to diagnose the cause and give support to the child.
Q:        How do I know that Tamil school is going well for my child?
A:         Look for the following indicators:
            Going happily to the school            Good progress in learning Tamil
            Increasing ability to speak Tamil
Q:        When children act plays, is anything and everything acceptable so long as it is in Tamil?
A:         No. The concept and theme must be appropriate. The language and words must be simple and appropriate to children. Otherwise the effect will be negative.
Q:        Tamil my not live in Australia for long… There is no point in my child undergoing all the trouble to learn Tamil language and culture?
A:         Wrong. Predicting how long Tamil will live is an irrelevant issue. If you do not give your child the exposure to the language now, the child is quite likely to blame you after growing up. Tamil is very important for our next generation. Try to gain access to the numerous articles and research information available on this subject.
Q:        To help learning Tamil, can I encourage my child to view Tamil films?
A:         This is a desperate situation. In Tamil language there is a big problem that we don’t have enough videos or programs made for children. The problem with Tamil films is that many of them are not fit to be viewed even by adults. On the other hand, our fast track life style doesn’t allow us to spend time talking to our children in Tamil.