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Tamil for All

What is behind Bharathi Academy’s phenomenal success in language teaching?
Why children are so happy at Bharathi Academy?
How do Bharathi Academy students learn Tamil so fast?
Why drop outs are minimal at Bharathi Academy?
What motivates Bharathi Academy students to speak in Tamil?


  Learning Tamil with us is fun and easy. 

Tamil language classes are available at every grade from Kinder to VCE. TAMIL KINDER is very special at Bharathi Academy. We also run a “Tamil for Adults” program (minimum age: 12 years).

Tamil Kinder: This is our ‘star’ program and we are proud of our little children and their teachers. We recommend that the best point of entry to Tamil Language Learning is Tamil Kinder. Children from the age of 3 are admitted to this class. It is our preference to have two separate kinder groups: a ‘3-year Kinder’ and a ‘4-year Kinder’.

The primary objective of Kinder is to develop the child’s interest in learning and speaking Tamil. Because of this, children joining Bharathi Academy in their early years usually do not drop out half way as they grow up. They are motivated and keep learning with great enjoyment.

Tamil Kinder is full of activities, fun and excitement. Children love it. Bring your child to Tamil Kinder – the gateway to a lifetime of Tamil.

Our Teachers: The strength of Bharathi Academy is its teaching staff. We have an expert team of motivated, diligent and hardworking teachers. They are trained to develop and / or use innovative and effective classroom techniques to teach Tamil in the Australian environment. In addition to the professional training they receive from Victorian Universities, they undergo a continuous training and mentoring program within Bharathi Academy. Above all, they are encouraged to be 'practical' and know how to keep a classroom lively.

Our Curriculum: Our curriculum is strictly aligned to and governed by the Victorian Essential Learning Standards of the VCAA. At Bharathi Academy, Curriculum Development is a living and evolving phenomenon. Our curriculum never gets stagnant nor can be captured in a set of prescribed books. A lot of devoted work, creativity and continuous training go into this area of heavy focus. Teaching methods and techniques change and improve continuously. All of these result in a very high quality and effective language teaching.

Most importantly, we have a dedicated, full time Curriculum Coordinator to guide and help the teachers.

We have entered the modern era with the introduction of the latest technology that facilitates learning. eLearning has become a very effective tool for students and teachers at Bharathi Academy.


Because of the above, children enjoy our classes. They learn fast. Their own progress is evident to them. They feel their success. This is why they are happy and enthusiastic about learning Tamil. Mid way drop outs are minimal.

 Certificate Examinations: Bharathi Academy conducts certificate examinations for each level. Successful students are issued with certificates, which are graded. As these examinations are conducted in strict conformance to the VELS of the VCAA, Bharathi Academy certificates truly reflect the ability and competency of the students at particular levels. For this reason, these certificates are very valuable and are sought after by students.

The certificate examinations are available to internal as well as external candidates. 

Let’s Speak Tamil: Bharathi Academy places great emphasis on acquiring speaking skills. In fact, our students have traditionally earned the reputation as ‘good speakers’ of the language. A lot of activities go on within the Academy on a regular basis to promote speaking Tamil. Students are motivated and encouraged to practice what they have learnt and to take the risk of making mistakes. “Let’s Speak Tamil” is being run as a campaign than a class. Speaking Contests (not speech contests) and Quiz Contests are innovative ideas Bharathi Academy has introduced and implemented to encourage speaking Tamil.

at Bharathi Academy
:  Drama is a big strength at Bharathi Academy. Every year, the Academy produces a number of high quality plays in Tamil and has earned a reputation for this. Needless to say, the plays target young audiences and not the adults. The concepts and the language of the plays are highly suited to and in tune with young people. Whether as participants or as audience, children learn a lot of Tamil through these plays. More importantly, Bharathi Academy plays help to cultivate children’s interest in the Tamil language. They promote a healthy artistic taste. By participating in these plays, children acquire acting skills, imaginative skills and self-confidence.

Bharathi Academy plays have been published in three volumes.

 Video Productions: Paapaa Bharathi, a production of the Bharathi Academy, is the first children’s video ever made in the Tamil language. Three parts have so far been released in this series. These quality videos have become extremely popular among children all over the world. Children find them very entertaining.

Other activities: Students participate in a number of co-curricular activities including soccer, athletics, speech contests and leadership programs.