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VCE Tamil

VCE Tamil

 Bharathi Academy students have been consistently achieving top results in the VCE  Tamil examinations. When students achieve scores such as 47, 44 and 43 and when about 5 points are added to this for scaling up, you will understand why the school is celebrating! 

History: Bharathi Academy has been offering a remarkably successful VCE LOTE program since 1997, when Tamil language was first introduced at the VCE level. The first VCE LOTE Tamil examination was held in the year 1998.

Bharathi Academy actively worked with other organisations and individuals in Melbourne to make Tamil a subject for the VCE. Bharathi Academy teachers also enthusiastically participated in developing the study design for the subject.


Numbers and Experience:
Bharathi Academy has been consistent in producing large numbers of candidates sitting for VCE Tamil every year. 

It is widely acknowledged that language learning becomes much more effective and efficient in an interactive environment. It becomes more interesting and lively. Discussions are held, opinions and experiences are shared and students help one another in many ways. A reasonable group size is also considered favourable for the SACs and the assessment process.

Bharathi Academy also has a wealth of experience. The teachers are not only very well qualified but undertake their job with great passion.

Learning Tamil at the VCE level can have a great symbolic significance as well as yield real benefits to students. The Victorian government strongly encourages students to learn languages. Because of this, about 5 points are added to the mean of the study score of every LOTE, including Tamil. Tamil is one of the VCE subjects scaled up every year, which gives a great advantage to our students.

Students can sit for Tamil when they are in year 10, 11 or 12. Many students show a preference to sit early but this should depend on individual circumstances.  Bharathi Academy fully caters for all individual needs. Given the importance of the VCE examination to the future life of the students, we take exceptional care on every student and also encourage parents to support the students’ learning process.

Offering Tamil language at the VCE is something every student with a traditional Tamil background should feel proud of.

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